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Sep 08, 2022

GOG celebrates Star Trek Day with sale, and the release of Steelrising


From Press Release:

We realize that the easiest way to celebrate this day is to marathon the original series, but we strongly advise you to take your time and consider the Star Trek video games franchise. It’s a perfect opportunity for both devoted and new players to enjoy some of the most iconic and critically acclaimed games updated by the GOG Team to work on modern operating systems. Take a look at our classic collection of the Star Trek franchise with titles available only on GOG such as: ArmadaArmada II or Bridge Commander and enjoy this unique universe with a -25% discount. If you’re looking for more space adventures, check out the curated selection of +170 space games up to – 80% that you might like including: Starpoint Gemini Warlords (-80%), Age of Wonders: Planetfall (-75%), BATTLETECH (-75%) and Stellaris (-75%).


Staying in the sci-fi climate let’s get down to today’s new release – a long-awaited souls-like game by Nacon – Steelrising. Become a witness of a watershed event in world history – the French Revolution. Fight the army of automatons defending Paris from revolutionists and bring an end to the reign of King Louis XVI. See the history from a different perspective in this challenging action-RPG with souls-like mechanics.

If you’d like to try yourself as a revolutionist in Paris or want to experience a galactic adventure, we have review codes to share – just let me know!

Live long and prosper!