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Classic Star Trek games finally make their way to GOG

gog-startrek and Interplay Entertainment Corp., under license by CBS Consumer Products, will beam in Star Trek to DRM-free computers worldwide. In cooperation with the historic publisher, the DRM-free distributor is set to launch these iconic Star Trek games.


Star Trek: 25th Anniversary – a digital distribution premiere – $5.99

The classic point-and-click adventure complete with voice acting, sound effects, and music from the classic TV show.

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Star Trek: Judgment Rites – a digital distribution premiere – $5.99

An all-around improved point-and-click sequel to the 25th Anniversary classic.

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Star Trek: Starfleet Academy – a digital distribution premiere – $5.99

Learn the basics of piloting a starship to become a captain of your very own vessel.

“It’s Star Trek’s turn to shine on Our Sci-Fi fans should now be pretty much covered.” said Oleg Klapovsky, VP of Business Development, “We’re always excited for the chance to restore lost video games to modern PCs. There are very few that deserve the treatment more than the Star Trek classics, and we’ve done everything to make sure they work flawlessly.” and Interplay plan to unveil additional Star Trek classics in the near future, including Digital Premieres.