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Sep 25, 2019

GOG.COM Interstellar Sale celebrates everything space, now through September 30th

From Press Release:

SEPTEMBER 25, 2019 – This week at GOG.COM we’re looking to the skies as some of the brightest stars among classic titles celebrate their release anniversaries. We decided to honor these titles in the best way we knew how – with a giveaway and awesome deals up to -85% on DRM-free games!

Head over to the GOG.COM front page and claim Freespace 2 for free before September 27th, 1 PM UTC. Launch the iconic space fighter thats celebrating its 20th anniversary and thrust yourself into the battle to save humanity in one of the best space sims ever created.

Let’s bend time and space a bit more and jump back to 1994 to revisit some more space classics celebrating their 25th anniversaries. Explore, fortify and mine hundreds of planets in the randomly generated universes of Wing Commander: Armada (-75%) with the rest of the series on sale too. If youre looking for something a little spooky, become a renowned hacker and rocket through cyberspace to steal information, and hack security defense programs enslaved to a maniacal computer in System Shock: Enhanced Edition (-85%), that also includes the original CD-ROM version of the game as a bonus goodie.

Raise your shields and set your lasers to fun as there are even more deals for space-themed games, including No Man’s Sky (-50%), X4: Foundations (-25%), Stellaris (-75%), BATTLETECH (-66%), Surviving Mars (-66%), Star Trek: Judgment Rites (-66%), Dead Space (-75%), EVERSPACE (-80%), and many more.

GOG.COM Interstellar Sale runs until September 30th, 2019, at 1 PM UTC.

For more information, please visit GOG.COM.