Sep 24, 2015

Tango Fiesta deploys out of Steam Early Access into final release

Terrorists, aliens, diabolical game show hosts – John Strong has seen the face of every evil imaginable, and put a bullet in every last one of them. He’s the world’s greatest hero, or would be, if anyone believed him.

Discharged from duty and dismissed by the news media, Strong made the only reasonable choice left. He sold his story to Hollywood and became an action star.

With access to an armory of weapons that would make any 80’s action star jealous, Strong has committed himself to upholding justice, delivering freedom with a bang!

Most excellent heroes tend to attract some gnarly villains, and the evil Australian beefcake Gordon is by far the gnarliest of them all. To take down Gordon and his thugs Strong can grit up and go mano a mano, or call in some heavy backup with four-player local and online multiplayer. Who said it takes only two to tango?

Take down scores of bad guys, fulfil fearless objectives, flex your bodacious bod and utilize an assortment of awesome weaponry in a procedurally generated world, allowing for endless explosions and excitement.

Are you ready to dance?

Four player co-operative shooter Tango Fiesta is out today on PC and Mac.

Download Tango Fiesta on Steam: