Oct 09, 2015

Clandestine update 0.9 hits Steam Early Access

Indie studio Logic Artists, the developer of asymmetrical co-op espionage adventure “Clandestine”, announced that their latest Update 0.9 is now live. Currently available on Steam Early Access, Clandestine offers players the choice of either field agent or spy in a thrilling globetrotting cooperative stealth experience. With the 0.9 update players can finally access story missions, player profiles, new gadgets and more to solve a deadly Post-Cold War agent conspiracy that spans the globe.

Until now players have only been able to experience the core mechanics in a spoiler-free version of Clandestine, but with Update 0.9 they can access four full story missions, getting the first sneak peek into Clandestine’s intricate plot. In the meantime, unique character storyline conversations between missions will reveal even more plot details for those eager to unravel the mysteries behind suspicious murders among Soviet and Nato agents.

In addition to newly available player profiles, both character types receive exciting content and gameplay elements. Spies now can use social engineering in cooperative dialogue sequences to bypass security checkpoints and gain entry to restricted areas. Furthermore the new HUD system provides better layout of information on spy’s UI necessary for smooth operation. The complete unlocked list of guns, gadgets and ammos gives players ample tactical freedom in their stealth endeavor. Likewise, hackers can now manipulate a wide array of local assets, including body removal, alarm cancellation, bribing enemies, dropping ammo and first aid. Lastly, the update introduces a new notification system in both co-op and single-player mode that allows players to more easily receive messages and see specific targets and objects of interest in the game.