Oct 12, 2015

Hello, Neighbor! is a about being a nosy neighbor to discover their secrets – which needs your funding

Dynamic Pixels calls this: “Hello, Neighbor! is a first-person tactical thriller puzzler with a tricky self-studying A.I. as an opponent for PC, PS4 and XBOX ONE.”

The game also features self-learning AI: “Hello, Neighbor!” is a brand new first-person tactical puzzler with Artificial Intelligence as an opponent. We think that modern games lack the deployment of Artificial Intelligence, therefore we decided to change the situation and create a truly smart opponent who will be able to:

  • Learn by himself
  • Study the player’s tactics
  • Undertake counter-actions
  • Remember the player’s decisions
  • Make plans
  • The mysterious and unpredictable game plot will make it fun trying to unveil the secrets of the game.

You can fund this game on Kickstarter here: