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Out There gets the “Cemetary Gates” free update for all platforms


The first Multiverse update dubbed Cemetery Gates is now live on Steam (currently 25% OFF)! As the developers have promised, new game modes and content has been delivered!

Multiverse I – Cemetery Gates


First, the long-awaited ‘easy mode’. We’ve been strongly against that in the past as it would change the whole spirit of the game.

But we think that it’s a shame some people are not able to experience our game or get quite frustrated because of its evil difficulty. So this issue has been addressed.

Also, a specific leaderboard has been created for this mode.


They were missing for far too long, so we thought that adding rings around the gas giants would be a great cosmetic addition. Well, maybe it’s not only cosmetic.


The most important addition is a new game mode called ‘Cemetery Gates’.

In this mode, you will encounter the last 10 space ships you have lost during previous runs, right where you’ve left them. You’ll be able to scavenge the resources that you’ve left inside or simply take over the ship and continue your adventure.

This mode will open up new strategies and possibilities.

It will also boost the early game, that is is sometimes slow, as you’ll find more ships around the starting point (remember all those runs prematurely ended because of bad luck?).


What about Humble, Android and iOS?

Of course, the update is coming for free to every platform where Out There is available. Expect it in the coming days on the Humble Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store. Unfortunately, it won’t be available on Apple App Store before november, due to iOS 9 bugs.