Oct 16, 2015

Brigador smashes onto Steam Early Access 4 days earlier than expected

Great leader is dead. Liberate Solo Nobre tonight by any means necessary.

Do whatever you need to complete your contract. But remember: to earn your cash, you have to make it off the planet alive.

Brigador lands on Steam Early Access and the Humble Store today for $20 USD with 6 playable vehicles, 9 levels, and 18 interchangeable guns.

Set in the densely detailed cityscape of Solo Nobre, play as one of the three warring factions vying for control of the city. Target the enemy forces or their leadership, or destroy orbital guns to advance to the next level.

Outfit your vehicle to match your playstyle. From chainguns to howitzers, each weapon can be used in tandem with a secondary choice and special ability to play the way you want to play. No simply clicking your enemies to death here–Brigador’s  unique trajectory aiming means players will need to hone their reflexes as well as their strategy.

Levels are completely destructible, and the environment models bullet penetration as well. Break through walls, stomp on enemies, or detonate volatile gas pipelines to your advantage. Use what you know about your surroundings to get the drop on your enemies. Send a shell sailing over a wall, or a burst of machine gun fire straight through a stand of trees. Be stealthy and circumspect, or the bull in a china shop.

Brigador may be Early Access today, but expect regular content updates with new vehicles, weapons, levels, and enemies. Custom map support is coming soon as well, so that players can build their own challenges.

“We’re excited to build a community around Brigador, and through their feedback, support as many playstyles as possible; can’t wait to open the forums up and see what people have to say.” – Stellar Jockeys