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Oct 28, 2021

Grave To The Rave Update for Brigador adds mid-mission saves, UI color customization, and new freelance ops


From Press Release:

Stellar Jockeys are marking spooky season this year with the Grave To The Rave Update for Brigador: Up-Armored Edition on PC, Mac & Linux. This content update is free and the game will be at least 55% off on Steam and GOG during the Halloween period.

The Grave To The Rave update features:

  • Six map long non-linear ultra-class focused operation “Grave to the Rave” for Freelance mode
  • Resign & Resume (“Save”) function added to Freelance mode (GIF)
  • Interface color customization added to Settings (GIF)
  • Updated Modkit & Map Editor DLC & new community compilation

Read the full update here:

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