Nov 05, 2015

There’s a Firestorm brewing in the latest update for War Thunder

Today, Gaijin Entertainment today announced that they released Firestorm, which is update 1.53 for their award-winning MMO WWII online game War Thunder(PC, PS4, VR). Here is the skinny on the update.

Firestorm – Update 1.53 Includes:

  • Improved Dagor Engine 4.0: War Thunder showcases an improved version of its engine for dramatic improvement in realistic graphics. Part of the improved engine includes NVIDIA GameWorks tech.
    • NVIDIA PhysX Destruction aids War Thunder’s quest for increased realism by enabling the introduction of larger destructible objects to the game.
    • NVIDIA WaveWorks technology generates incredibly realistic waves and foam for oceans, seas, rivers and lakes, which will also factor wind direction and strength.
  • Multiple Rocket Launchers: “Firestorm” comes from the introduction of a deadly set of new multiple rocket launcher systems: namely, the American M26 Pershing tank with mounted T99 system, the German Panzerwerfer 42 and Russian BM-24-8.
  • Release of First Wave of British Tanks: the A13 Mk II, the Sherman Firefly, the M10 Achilles and the A43 Black Prince Infantry tank. The main British Ground Force line-up will appear in War Thunder later this year.
    • 20 New Vehicles added in this update, meaning War Thunder has more than 600 vehicles in total.
  • Two New Ground Maps:
    • Stalingrad tractor plant district, reproduced based on real photographs taken during the bloody battles for the city.
    • “Advance to Rhine,” based on late-war Cologne with its towering cathedral and maze-like streets that will provide the optimum challenge for urban warfare.
  • Steam Achievements: War Thunder now has Steam achievements.