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Jan 11, 2016

AIPD, a new Unreal Engine 4-powered twin-stick shooter set to release on January 29th

In the twin-stick arcade shooter AIPD, players armed with a range of highly specialized weapons and equipment are on the virtual trail of criminal AIs, all in the visual style of TRON. Whether it’s mighty howitzers or precise phasers, boost-modifications or reactive armor – the right equipment makes all the difference in the battle against enemies that acquire increasingly dangerous skills with each round. With a whole spectrum of options on offer when it comes to weapons and equipment selection, as well as the opportunity to influence the opponent’s evolution, AIPD provides an individually customizable gaming experience.

It’s all about unlocking new weapons and pieces of equipment, one after the other, and hunting down the high score – either on your own or in local co-op mode with up to four players at a time. Unlike the good old arcade classics, AIPD’s timeless look is generated by the Unreal Engine 4 and impresses with its high speed graphics. It’s an iconic 80’s style with a high-gloss finish.

Features of AIPD at a glance:

  • Thousands of possible combinations of enemy and arena permutations
  • Flexible playing style with adjustable weapons and equipment
  • Local co-op mode with up to four players
  • Online leaderboards for even more competition
  • Timeless neon style with the power of the Unreal Engine 4