Jun 02, 2016

Tick Tock Bang Bang stops time on June 9th when it releases onto Steam

Dejobaan Games, creators of AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! and Drunken Robot Pornography, have announced Tick Tock Bang Bang. Bend time to execute stunts on the set of a Hollywood blockbuster. The first-person shooter launches for Windows on Steam on June 9, 2016.

  • THE SETUP: A 30-ton garbage truck screams towards you, plowing through a sea of pedestrians. A flying drone pins you down with laser fire. Fifty androids race your way, primed to explode on contact. You ready your gun.
  • THE PLAY: Time creeps along while you stand your ground, so aim carefully. Bang! Your shot cuts the drone down in slow motion. That leaves the garbage truck and the fifty kamikaze androids. You target the lead ‘bot, pull the trigger, and break to the right.
  • THE PAYOFF: As you run, time returns to normal. Your bullet strikes the android, causing it to explode, setting off a chain reaction. As the garbage truck slams into the wall behind you, you turn to the camera for your one-liner: “Time to take out the trash.”

Time bending; self-immolating androids; 90-car pileups; flaming meteors; giant flying robots with lasers — and the ability to put these all together in your own scenes in a drag-and-drop level editor. This is Tick Tock Bang Bang. The movie will probably be rated R for the exploding school buses.