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E3 2016: The Culling comes to Xbox One Game Preview


Xaviant today announced that their hit battle royale game The Culling will be making its way onto Xbox One’s Game Preview program. After moving over 500,000 copies on Steam Early Access, Xaviant is excited to open up The Culling’s blood-soaked island to a new group of contestants and collect feedback from Xbox One players as development continues to progress.

“Working with Microsoft and releasing The Culling on Xbox Game Preview is a dream come true,” says Josh Van Veld, director of operations at Xaviant. “We’re thrilled to bring our flavor of adrenaline-filled, competitive battle royale to Xbox fans worldwide.”

With only twenty minutes to scavenge, craft weapons, and hunt down the other contestants, each match in The Culling provides a thrilling and highly focused survival experience. Prepare for skill-testing, slaughter-filled competition as players give it their all to survive. Sixteen enter, but only one can come out alive.

More information about when The Culling will be available on Xbox One will be provided at a later date.