Jun 21, 2016

Breached releases tomorrow with an astounding $6.99 pricetag

One more day until Breached launches! The sci-fi mystery from Drama Drifters and our Nkidu Games label isn’t your typical game: it has you scouring your journal to try and piece together the events preceding your awakening from cryogenic slumber; you’ll pilot a drone to scavenge the land and avoid anomalies; you’ll combine materials to try and give yourself more oxygen to survive.

It’s quite interesting to see some of the initial coverage we’ve seen. Impressions have been mixed, and we did expect that; this blend of play isn’t going to be for everyone, and may not appeal to those looking for some intense shooter or expansive world to explore. The team has really put together an intriguing experience, and I think there’s a lot to like. Each playthrough of Breached will take you between one and two hours, and subsequent runs will help shed a bit more light on what’s happened.

At just $6.99, it’s well worth it; check out the launch trailer now and get a sense of what you can expect when you jump into the world of Breached.

Hit up code requests on Evolve Terminal, where you can also check out the video, screenshots and learn more. If you want to host the video yourself, you can download it here.