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Aug 11, 2016

Meridian: Squad 22 leaves Early Access after two years of development by one person


After a successful Early Access phase on Steam, Headup Games and Merge Games are proud to announce the release of Elder Games’ real-time strategy game Meridian: Squad 22 for PC. The full game will be released on Thursday, August 11, 2016 – Priced at $14.99 / € 14.99 / £10.99.

Lead the members of Squad 22, discover the planet Meridian and conquer new territories to gather essential resources.

We feel it is worth mentioning Meridian: Squad 22 just like it’s prequel Meridian: New World has been completely designed and developed by one guy only, a highly gifted creator called Ede Tarsoly from Hungary who spent the last two years working on nothing else but bringing this game to life.

Meridian: Squad 22 is a single-player, science-fiction, real-time strategy game with a focus on base building and advanced tactics. Every single choice, every tactical decision you make, shapes the outcome of your story. Will you take the offensive route or stay on the defensive? Will you consider the lives of your crew a priority or will you sacrifice them mercilessly to gain the upper hand?

Key Features

  • Control the fate of Squad 22 and the colonists in the 10+ hour story-mode campaign.
  • Vanquish your foes on planet Meridian in over 100 procedurally generated missions in Planetary Conquest.
  • Polished, dynamic and fluid unit control.
  • Over one hour of immersive music.
  • Fantastic sound effects brought to you by an award-winning sound design team.

Buy the game on Steam here: