Aug 25, 2016

Aven Colony takes city-building off-planet in 2017

Welcome to Aven Prime, citizen. The next winter cycle is set to begin shortly and will last approximately 56 earth hours. Please be aware that rationing will be in effect, and exposure to outside temperatures will result in immediate tissue damage. The current status of alien creep infection is 5% and decreasing. Be well, citizen.

From Mothership Entertainment, Aven Colony is a city-building and management sim that tells the story of humanity’s first settlement of an extrasolar world. Land on exotic Aven Prime, where you must construct and maintain the infrastructure and ensure the well-being of your citizens, all while dealing with the often harsh realities of an exotic alien world.

On top of this, you’ll face the greatest challenge of all — keeping your people happy. How will you feed your people? Will you be able to provide them with enough jobs, entertainment, retail outlets, and other services while protecting them from the planet’s many dangers? What social policies will you enact to influence your people? The future of the colony rests on your decisions.

Think you’re ready to lead humankind into a new world? Sign up to learn more about the upcoming beta at

Main Gameplay Features
– A rich simulation of an extraterrestrial colony, with resource gathering and management, technological research, food cultivation and manufacturing, trade, morale, social policies, and more.
– Dozens of different buildings with unique functions and impacts.
– A fully functional day/night cycle tied into Aven Prime’s seasons.
– The world of Aven Prime fights back against human colonization with The Creep, an alien infection that can destroy your colony over time.
– Environmental challenges including lightning storms, dust devils, giant sandworms, plague spores, deadly toxic gas emissions from geothermal vents, and shard storms.
– Acquire alien artifacts and use their powers while learning the story of the civilization that once inhabited Aven Prime.

Aven Colony is coming to PC in 2017.