Sep 29, 2016

SteamWorld Heist coming to Wii U in Europe tomorrow, America in October

Tomorrow SteamWorld Heist hits Wii U on Nintendo eShop in Europe alongside SteamWorld Collection in game stores! America gets the game and the physical release in October. To celebrate the EU release we’ve uploaded a brand new launch trailer. Just like the game the trailer runs at a smooth 60 frames per second in full HD. It’s simply breathtaking to look at.

Heist isn’t just beautiful, it’s also incredibly fun to play. It has won the hearts of strategy fans and casual gamers alike worldwide since the original 3DS launch. The Wii U version is the best one yet and to tell you all the reasons we took a trip to a giant Nintendo museum to shoot a very special video.

Join us as we go in-depth at why Wii U is the perfect platform for Heist and host a contest where viewers can win the game for themselves: