Nov 08, 2016

XCOM 2 on PC gets full camera control and controller support today

2K and Firaxis Games have revealed that starting today, XCOM 2 on PC can now be played using a controller.

Fans have been requesting controller support and we’re glad to deliver. With the new controller support PC players can also utilize full camera control to experience the world of XCOM 2 from a new perspective.

To learn more about utilizing full camera control, visit the XCOM blog and view the camera control in action and “Tour the Avenger” in this new video.

This new video is available to view or embed on YouTube:

In a special second video, you can take a 360° virtual tour of the inside of XCOM’s mobile headquarters! From living quarters to the armory, there are many rooms to explore and some that have yet to be constructed.

Whether you’re watching from a desktop PC, a VR headset, or via the YouTube app with a compatible mobile device you’ll be immersed in the control center of the Resistance.