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Kingdoms and Castles funded in 2 hours on Fig.co, 35 days left to invest or pledge in the project

Kingdoms and Castles reached its goal on Fig in just two hours (www.Fig.co/castles). Kingdoms and Castles began its funding campaign on Fig.co/castles to raise $15,000 for the development, publishing and release of the game on PC and Mac in Spring 2017.

The two-man team behind Kingdoms and Castles, Pete Angstadt and Michael Peddicord, have worked on acclaimed indie games including Abzu, Journey and Cannon Brawl, as well as EA’s Spore and Boom Blox, and founded of a new studio called Lion Shield.  Kingdoms and Castles is partially inspired by Angstadt’s time at Maxis and games like SimCity, Stronghold, and Banished.  In it, players build a simulated city while crafting a strategy to protect their peasants from a continually changing and dangerous world.

Stretch goals will be announced and include features like adding Twitch Integrated Gameplay, VR Support, etc. For more information, please visit: www.Fig.co/castles.

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