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Goat MMO Simulator gets free winter level, “WoW – Winter or Whatever”

Only Santa knows where you all live, so we put your gift on your app store instead – Free winter level out now for Goat MMO Simulator!

Visit the winter-clad land of Västerås and save the holidays in the biggest free level since free levels was a thing. I know what you’re thinking. WoW. Am I right? That’s right. It’s Goat MMO Simulator: WoW.


  • Be a special snowflake and try the new elf class, like everybody else
  • Close to 20 new quests. We didn’t quite hit 20. But almost!
  • All of them are really cool though, like the one where you invent electricity…
  • Or when you fight the forest! Or eat a house to the ground. That one is cool too.
  • Go north of the wall. It can’t stop you. But it will try. But it can’t
  • There is winter already. We are way ahead of that show on TV

Goat MMO Simulator: WoW is available as a free update to Goat MMO Simulator for iOS and Android and can be downloaded RIGHT NOW from your favourite marketplace!