Jun 10, 2017

No Trace from indie dev Square Mountain, mixes HITMAN and Volume into a slick top-down stealth and action game

From Presskit:

No Trace Summary

No Trace is a top-down stealth action shooter that immerses the player in highly detailed and stylized environments set throughout iconic global destinations. Packed with creative, and deadly opportunities to complete objectives, No Trace allows the players to adapt and create their own play-style using stealth, action or a combination of both styles to complete the objectives detailed within each level.

Key Features

  • A stylised low-poly, diorama art style and top-down camera that combine to give a unique spin on the genre.
  • Strong focus on distinct play styles – Stealth & Action. Making both alternatives equally fun and challenging to play.

  • Randomly generated NPC profiles provide new, and unique challenges on each playthrough. No two playthroughs are the same.

  • Inspection mode – enables foresight and strategy, allowing the player to pause time at any point and scan the environment for points of interest (POI), unique NPC traits, and the perfect approach to the objective.

  • Precision depth based gunplay allows more verticality, allowing for specific body parts to be targeted, unlike most top-down shooters.

  • Slow-motion mark & execute ability.

  • Room based line of sight system that obscures enemies and items of interest.