Jun 29, 2017

The Swords of Ditto gameplay trailer from E3 2017 is downright delightful

From Press email:

Devolver Digital’s pals at onebitbeyond, the devs behind The Swords of Ditto, have released an extended gameplay video for all to enjoy!

On the Island of Ditto, players will get to experience a “micro RPG” of sorts, with players exploring a delightful but dangerous overworld and braving menacing dungeons to overcome the evil that plagues of the island.

The main story is roughly two hours and each playthrough afterward will carry over the hero’s legend, as the game creates a link to the past each time the player plays through the charming single player or co-op compact action RPG.

Heralded as one of E3 2017’s top indies from a variety of news outlets from around the world