Jul 18, 2017

Sudden Strike 4 gameplay trailer shows the game running on PlayStation 4

From Press Release:

Kalypso Media is thrilled to reveal today world premier gameplay footage of Sudden Strike 4 on PlayStation®4. For the first time, the legendary World War II Real-Time-Strategy series will make its debut on consoles, offering its renowned historically-inspired strategic gameplay to an entirely new audience. The all-new footage offers a glimpse of Sudden Strike 4’s finely-tuned PlayStation®4 controls that allow players to issue detailed commands to their units amidst heart-pounding clashes inspired by World War II’s most defining battles.

Best known for its rich palette of historically-inspired simulation and strategy titles, prolific publisher Kalypso Media and Hungarian developer Kite Games crafted the fourth entry in the iconic Sudden Strike series to please existing fans and act as a fresh introduction to newcomers. Sudden Strike 4 pursues the series’ vision of offering a chess-like strategic experience – where each unit is extremely valuable – on both PC and PlayStation®4, with its trademark focus on careful unit preservation and tactical exploitation of strength vs. weakness. The optional  “pause and play” system also returns to the single-player mode, allowing players to briefly suspend the action and perform calculated maneuvers or react to contact with the enemy at any time.