Jul 21, 2017

Happy Dungeons coming to PlayStation 4 in early September, play the Open Beta today

From Press Release:

Toylogic Inc. has today announced that their popular, free-to-play action RPG Happy Dungeons will be heading to PlayStation®4 in early September.  Given the PS4 community’s great anticipation for Happy Dungeons, Toylogic has also offered PS4 gamers an opportunity to experience the game before release with an action-packed 96-hour open Beta-thon beginning today.  Running from Friday, July 21 through Monday, July 24, PS4 fans can enjoy Happy Dungeons’ in all its glory with whimsical, never-taking-itself-too-seriously humor and an adventure brimming with non-stop co-op action and thousands of zany items and loot.  Try the Open Beta NOW:

“We are thrilled to be expanding Happy Dungeons to PlayStation 4 fans around the world,” said Yoichi Take, President and Executive Director, Toylogic.  “This is our first project on PS4 so we are asking players to join us in our open Beta-thon to help us fully realize the game; to stress test our servers, to ensure balance and matchmaking and to provide feedback on what they like and don’t like.  Our team has been and will continue to be relentlessly dedicated to our growing community.  The result has been wonderful ideas for new content and new in-game events – many of which have come from our fans themselves.”

During the next four days, Happy Dungeons offers players the opportunity to play, test and provide feedback directly to Toylogic not only in preparation for launch on PlayStation 4 but to contribute to future updates.  Open beta players will receive exclusive items that are (hint) “COO COO”-L, unlocked only for them when the game launches this September.

With Happy Dungeons, players will be treated to Toylogic’s refreshing take on a classic genre with robust action and features including: 3 character classes – the Warrior, the mystical Mage and the medicinal Cleric, various enemy races and types, including the goblins, aliens and other comical humans, 50+ dungeons to explore, over 1,700 unique items to discover and intense multiplayer co-op gameplay for up to 4 players either online or on the couch locally in split screen play.

Happy Dungeons will be available on PlayStation®4 in early September.  For more information about Happy Dungeons visit