Mar 31, 2020

Minecraft Dungeons releases May 26th on PC, Xbox One, Switch, and PlayStation 4

From Press Release:

Mark your calendars, because our new action-adventure, dungeon crawler-style game is releasing worldwide on May 26 on Xbox One, Windows, Xbox Game Pass, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. “Minecraft Dungeons” will also be available for pre-order on some platforms starting today. As you know, we initially planned to release “Minecraft Dungeons” by the end of April. However, due to the current state of the world, this was no longer possible, as we wanted to guarantee the health and safety of our teams, and empower them to deliver the best possible experience to the community.

We’ll be releasing two editions of the game: “Minecraft Dungeons – Standard Edition” for $19.99 USD and “Minecraft Dungeons – Hero Edition” for $29.99 USD. The Hero Edition contains a Hero Pass that includes a Hero Cape, two player skins, a chicken pet and two upcoming DLC packs. 

At launch, you´ll be able to play online multiplayer with friends on the same platform. We’re working to bring cross-platform multiplayer across all platforms in the future through a free update after release.

But wait, I have more questions! Don’t worry, we’ve put together a handy FAQ to answer all the whens, hows, and whys over at