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Aug 11, 2020

Minecraft Dungeons gets a chill with second expansion, “Creeping Winter” on September 8th

From Press Release:

No wonder this summer felt more chilly than usual – “Creeping Winter,” “Minecraft Dungeons’” second expansion, will be available with Xbox Game Pass, Xbox One, Windows PC, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 for players with the Hero Edition of the game or Hero Pass on September 8!

Also coming to the game on September 8 will be two new features in a FREE update. Wondering what they could be?

  • Camp Update: New villager merchants! Visit the blacksmith to upgrade your favorite items and meet the gift wrapper to send an armored present to your multiplayer teammates.
  • Daily Trials: A new challenge every day! Replay your favorite levels in a new way with random combinations of mobs to defeat and weapons to yield to win some very exclusive gear. Two Daily Trials will be available on the main map every day, as well as one for each DLC pack.

What’s new in “Creeping Winter?” Players will get to explore three brand new missions, new weapons, armor and artifacts as you make your way to the ultimate battle against the Wretched Wraith.

How can I get started? Players with the Hero Edition of the game will receive “Creeping Winter” for free. Players with Standard Edition can either buy it separately for your platform or upgrade your Standard Edition with a Hero Pass (which also includes the “Jungle Awakens” expansion). To learn more about these offers and how to get content for your platform of choice, visit the “Minecraft Dungeons” website.

Check out today’s official blog post on for more info on “Creeping Winter,” and follow “Minecraft Dungeons” on Twitter for the latest and greatest.