Aug 09, 2017

Fictorum conjures up a release, as it is available on Steam now

From Press Release:

For years, you’ve been warned that power corrupts and generally leads to bad things. But where’s the fun in that? Rather than worry about the pesky laws that surround the art of magic, Fictorum encourages you to call forth the biggest ball of fire possible and huck it full-force at your enemies. Even better? There’s no need to put your destructive urges on the back-burner because it’s available now on PC!

So does spell-slinging with reckless abandon catch your attention? Do you want to single-handedly take down an evil empire? Then here are three handy reasons why you need this one-man magic machine in your life:

ONE. Right from the get-go, wield the power to level castles in showers of debris, as you grow stronger, up your magical arsenal and learn to level even larger castles in even larger showers of debris. You’d be surprised how efficient flying debris is as an Inquisition-squashing weapon.

TWO. Customize your magic arsenal on the fly with spell-shaping. Whether you want to make your lightning arc between enemies and home into nearby targets or set up a trap consisting of massive ice pillars, there’s a rune for you. Simply hold down your right mouse button and give literal shape to your destruction, ensuring no obstacle is immune to your magical will.

THREE. No two adventures are the same as you traverse a procedurally generated world map on your hunt for the Grand Inquisitor. Stay one step ahead of the Inquisition forces as you chart your journey in the next evolution of the choose-your-own-adventure.

Developed by the spell-binding folks at Scraping Bottom Games, Fictorum is an action RPG that laughs at the idea of limiting your magical potential. It’s available now on Steam and GOG, so there’s no better time than now to become the wizard you always dreamed of. If you’d like to keep up with all the latest wizardry updates, be sure to follow @Scraping_Bottom or visit