Aug 23, 2017

Tropico 6 gamescom trailer shows first gameplay

From Press Release:

Nations of the world, hold on to your monuments – because El Presidente is back, and he has the world in his sights! With our favorite bearded dictator having landed in Cologne for Gamescom 2017, Kalypso Media is proud to present the first ever gameplay footage for Tropico 6. Offering fans their very first taste of the upcoming dictator sim, the trailer showcases the stunning new Tropican vistas made possible by the game’s all-new engine, as well as a hint at the new gameplay features that will make Tropico 6 the greatest entry in the series to date, like expansive archipelagos, advanced transport infrastructure, customizable palaces, the return of election speeches, and of course, the pilfering of world wonders that will cause tourism to boom on your tropical island paradise. Speaking of which, has anyone checked the Cologne Cathedral is still in its rightful place…?