Sep 11, 2017

Heat Signature, that new spaceship game from the Gunpoint developers, comes out September 21st

From Press Email:

1. We’re going to name our Steam Trading Cards after players: specifically, players who show us awesome emergent moments they’ve had with the game. It’s much more about the stories that come up during play than our pre-written lore, so that’s what we want to celebrate.

2. There’s a ship carrying a unique weapon passing through the galaxy during launch week. If player’s steal it before it leaves, they’ll also unlock the weapon as a random drop in future. It’s the Everything Gun: when you press the trigger, it teleports everything nearby into its barrel and fires it out like a shotgun: swords, wrenches, other guns (which then fire on impact).

And a post with more details of both these events here:

More info on Heat Sig in general on: