Mar 12, 2019

Tactical Breach Wizards is the next game from Suspicious Developments, first gameplay released explaining the small-scale tactics

From Press Release:

Today we’re showing the first gameplay footage of Tactical Breach Wizards, a small-scale character driven tactics game that currently wafts ambiguously somewhere between XCOM and Into the Breach in terms of format. It’s about wizards in modern-day tactical gear, and this video shows off the Riot Priest and the Witch Cop, the first two we’re showing of a team that will eventually be maybe 6 unique characters.

It’s still early days, anything might change, no release date, but we have a Steam store page now so people can wishlist it if they’re interested!

There’s also more details and screenshots there. It’s for PC, single player only.

This is being made by Suspicious Developments, specifically:

  • Tom Francis: designer/writer/coder of Gunpoint, Heat Signature and this.
  • John Roberts: artist on Gunpoint, Heat Signature and this.
  • John Winder: programmer on Heat Signature and this.