Sep 28, 2017

The Good Life from Swery, will now let you be a Dog or Cat


At long last, we’re proud to announce the dog version of The Good Life!

In the dog version, all the townspeople will turn into dogs at night.

Naomi will also turn into a dog, and gain different abilities from her cat persona!

Which one will you choose?

We’re currently developing two versions of The Good Life: a cat version and a dog version.

In The Good Life -CATS-, the townspeople turn into cats at night, and in The Good Life -DOGS-, the townspeople turn into dogs at night.

Naomi will also turn into either a cat or a dog, depending on which version you buy.

As a cat, she’ll be able to climb up to high spots and slip into cramped passages.

As a dog, she’ll be able to dig holes and follow scent trails…

You won’t just have different abilities to use, you’ll also get to find different items, and the way you interact with the townspeople will also change.

Some story beats may differ as well!

The Good Life -CATS- is compatible with The Good Life -DOGS-.

In online multiplayer, you’ll be able to turn into a cat or a dog and visit a friend or a stranger’s town. Multiplayer will allow you to jump into a whole new world separate from the version you own.

Become a cat and scratch posts and leave cricket corpses on your friend’s doorstep as presents. Or, become a dog and mark their doors with your urine and scare their sheep. There will be a bunch of creative ways to play tricks on each other!