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Crashday: Redline Edition celebrates 1000+ Steam Workshop items with favorites to use in-game

From Press Release:

It’s never a bad day for multiplayer vehicular carnage! Today developer Moonbyte games would like to honor the incredible modding community supporting their game Crashday: Redline Edition — the popular remaster of the highly-explosive Windows PC arcade racer — which has created over 950 unique and amazing separate pieces of content in the Steam Workshop.

Since its August 2017 release, Crashday: Redline Edition has enraptured road warriors worldwide with its unique brand of visceral destruction, seven action-packed online game modes and steel-shredding arsenal. The game’s community of passionate modders have since created over 500 new tracks, more than 250 cars and hundreds of various tweaks; the modding community has truly made the game its own.

Check out some of Moonbyte’s favorite Crashday: Redline Edition mods below:

  • Total Conversion Winter Mod – Winter has truly come in this complete visual reskin of the Crashday world, blanketing its courses in snow and frost.
  • Derby Stadium – What’s better than mayhem in front of an audience? Crash and destroy your competition in front of thousands of adoring fans. The thunderdome is here.
  • Trackmania United 3 – Go wild on a vehicular obstacle course inspired by the popular Trackmania series. Beware its twists and turns of the horizontal and vertical kind!
  • Egypt Map – Live by the crash creed: nothing is safe, everything is going to explode.
  • FlipCar – This custom vehicle is both fast and furious. Impress your family with this diesel-fueled beast.
  • Buggy – Off-road or on-road, it doesn’t matter with this baby. The buggy will go where you need it to, all while looking awesome!
  • Eagle – Bring about the end times with this blazing fast demon. Every curve is designed for speed and destruction.
  • T-62 – Do you want a fancy fast ride or do you want to blow some shit up? Proving that slow and steady truly wins the race, here’s a tank. Go boom with it.

Crashday: Redline Edition enjoy an all-time positive rating of 93% on Steam and is available for purchase at $11.99 here: