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Dec 20, 2017

Kingdom Come: Deliverance gameplay video “Great Haste Makes Great Waste”

From Press Release:

To celebrate the upcoming holidays Warhorse Studios released a new Gameplay Video of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The upcoming medieval role-playing game will launch on February 13th 2018 for PC, PlayStation®4, and Xbox One the all in one entertainment system from Microsoft. Digital and physical pre-orders are available on

Welcome to the battlefields of Bohemia 1403. We are on a mission to find and scout out a bandit camp. How will you approach this? Kingdom Come: Deliverance offers several ways how to solve your quests. Do you sneak your way through to turn the odds in your favour or will you rely on the sharpness of your blade & durability of your armour? No matter what you decide to do, you will have to deal with the consequences.