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Jan 09, 2018

Euro Fishing takes to Waldsee in latest DLC on PC, PS4, and Xbox One

From Press Release:

Want to banish those back-to-work blues? Euro Fishing is giving you the ticket to escape with “Waldsee,” which takes anglers deep into Germany’s thick forests.

Waldsee, which means “forest lake” in German, lives up to its name as it transports Euro Fishing players to a hidden hideaway surrounded by dense woodland and sun-kissed rocks. In fact, “Waldsee” is such a well-kept secret that even its exact stock of fish remains a mystery. You’ll get to explore these uncharted waters for yourself, with all sorts of surprises awaiting skilled anglers. The exact stock is unknown, but early visitors have caught carp up to 62 lb and catfish up to 68 lb.

“’Waldsee’ will offer a brand-new experience for Euro Fishing fans,” said Mark Greenway, Fishing Business Director at Dovetail Games. “It has amazing fish and scenic views while also remaining a secret to the fishing community at large. It’s the type of fishing spot that’s harder and harder to find nowadays, and we wanted somewhere that takes you away from the real world, giving you an intimate and personal environment where you can fish at your own pace.”

“Waldsee” is the fourth DLC release for Euro Fishing, following “Foundry Dock,” “Manor Farm” and “Lac D’or.” “Waldsee” has over 600 fish stocked in its lake and 20 new boss fish to catch, with 10 new trophies on offer for skilled fishermen.

Euro Fishing‘s “Waldsee” DLC is available today on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One and Windows PC for $10.99.