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Jun 26, 2018

Guild Wars 2’s Living World Season 4, Episode 3 “Long Live the Lich” begins today

From Press Release:

BELLEVUE, WA — June 26, 2018 — The third episode of Guild Wars 2’s Living World Season 4, Long Live the Lich, is live today. Packed with new features, Episode 3 introduces the Roller Beetle mount mastery, Domain of Kourna map, warhorn Verdarach legendary weapon and new fractal dungeon Deepstone. 

In addition to these great features, a brand-new and compelling storyline greets players as they pick up from Episode 2, A Bug in the System. In Episode 2, the Commander’s efforts to put an end to Joko’s attacks led to a daring infiltration of an Asuran Inquest laboratory. In Long Live the Lich, players are confronted with the return of Palawa Joko, the undead overlord of Elona – armed with the potential to unleash the deadly scarab plague. 

Long Live the Lich content is free to access for players who already own Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire if they simply log in while the episode is live. For those who don’t own it yet, Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire standard and deluxe editions, plus the Guild Wars 2 Collection standard and deluxe editions, are available for 50% off through tomorrowJune 27. Players can take advantage of this discount by visiting:‎.