Aug 28, 2018

Guild Wars 2 celebrates 6th Anniversary, ArenaNet provides infographic on events since release

From Press Release:

Guild Wars 2 released six years ago today!

To celebrate, ArenaNet posted a new video and infographic that showcase how the team realized their expanding ambitions for Living World – the game’s award-winning, ever-evolving free episodic journey through the world of Tyria.

The team gives viewers a sneak peek of how they plan to raise the bar in the final episodes of Season Four, as well as setting the scene for Season Five.

  • Since 2012, ArenaNet has released 37 episodes of Living World across four seasons, expanding the story and doubling the size of the game.
  • To date there have been over 120 tracks of new music added to the game written specifically for Living World.
  • Over 650 achievements have been added to the game through Living World

Each season has brought with it new story content and locations, new PvE instanced raids and Fractal challenges, countless balance patches and improvements to PvP, and even seasonal in-game festivals with unique rewards and events. Most recently, the third episode of Season Four, Long Live the Lich, added the Roller Beetle mount, a speedy dune-hopping companion who is the first mount to debut in a Living World episode.

The new infographic, which you can find attached, illustrates the monumental breadth of content added to the game since the very first Shadow of the Mad King Halloween special event in October of 2012.

Players who own Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire can continue their adventures in Tyria for free by simply logging into the game during the latest Living World episode’s release window.

We invite you to join us in celebrating Guild Wars 2’s six years of success by tuning in to the anniversary live stream at 12:00 PM PT on August 28 at 2. The stream will feature developer guests, interviews with Guild Wars 2’s voice actors, and special video tributes from the Guild Wars community.