Aug 26, 2020

ArenaNet announces Guild Wars 2 is coming to Steam in November, and teases third expansion “End of Dragons” for 2021

From YouTube Description:

To celebrate the eighth anniversary of Guild Wars 2, we have a special surprise for you! In the land of Cantha, ancient voices reflect on Tyria’s history—and its future. Be the first to know more: visit the official Guild Wars 2 website and sign up for our newsletter.

The free to play game is finally coming to Steam in November. You can wishlist it here:

When speaking to Justin Fassino, PR Manager at ArenaNet, he had this to say about Guild Wars 2 coming to Steam:

With End of Dragons expanding the world of Guild Wars 2 in 2021, we felt it was the perfect time for us to put the game on a new platform known for its passionate community and welcome them on the journey to Cantha.