Jul 19, 2018

To Hell with Hell from Lazurite Games is a retro demonic roguelike that’s available on Steam Early Access today

From Press Release:

FRANKFURT — It is July 19, 2018, our final day on earth. A day that started just like any other day but someone went and left the doors to hell wide open. The apocalypse has arrived and during these last hours, we’d like to invite you to try out To Hell with Hell. Releasing today into Steam Early Access, publisher Deck13 and developer Lazurite Games come together to bring players a tongue-in-cheek, bullet hell rogue-lite experience where you slip into the role of Natasia, a Russian stripper on her way to work when all hell breaks loose.

“Well, that’s some bad timing I guess”, said Pavel Ustyuzhanin, one of the founders of Lazurite Games, “But look on the bright side, at least you can now prepare yourself with the intense combat of To Hell with Hell!”

Out now on Steam Early Access, To Hell with Hell is $16.99 USD and 20% off during its first week.

Key Features:

  • Masks! Since you’re wearing a bikini you should probably cover yourself behind masks (super effective!), transforming you into a knight, a demon or even a clown.
  • Tons and tons of weapons! You can even use a unicorn to slay your enemies (SERIOUSLY!).
  • Hell. For real. But also other places… because reasons.
  • Randomly generated levels – you’ll never know what to expect after each and every death. And there’ll be lots of deaths.