Aug 28, 2018

Marble It Up! coming to Switch in September, a spiritual successor to Marble Madness and Marble Blast series

From Press Release:

EUGENE, Ore. – Aug. 28, 2018 – Bad Habit Productions has announced the next-generation roller: Marble It Up!, launching on Nintendo Switch™ in September. A spiritual successor to the Marble Madness and Marble Blast series, Marble It Up! is a high-speed puzzle platformer that harnesses the subtle thrill of racing the clock and embraces the pure joy of rolling.

“The core goal of Marble It Up! is to bring gamers into a state of flow. We aimed to marry the precise core interaction that is emblematic of today’s hit action titles into a game that is all-ages, family-friendly, very colorful, and very vibrant,” said Executive Producer Mark Frohnmayer. “We believe what makes it so immersive is the coding team’s merciless focus on true physics – the way that the marble interacts with the world.”

In Marble It Up!, players jump, bounce, boost, roll, and master marble physics through 40 breathtaking levels of moving platforms, icy terrain, gravity-bending surfaces, and kinetic platforming puzzles. Players use power-ups to slow time, launch into the air, and glide to the finish line as quickly as possible while exploring gloriously colorful and brilliant worlds filled with secret collectibles, unlockable marbles and more!

Marble It Up!’s dynamic replay system lets you watch and race against the ghosts of your best efforts, as well as those of the world’s top players on the online leaderboards. Test your wits and reflexes in a challenging experience that rewards skill and determination, all running beautifully in both docked and handheld modes at 60 fps with HD rumble.

“An intense love for the genre, for the subtle joy of rolling, led us to develop Marble It Up!” said Technical Director Ben Garney. “It’s unique; it has a trancelike quality… you get into this flow and this focus that you don’t necessarily get in a lot of games. Of all the products I’ve worked on, this is the one of which I’m most proud. It has the most compelling gameplay, the best looking art, and everyone on the team building it are people I really respect.”

Marble It Up! is a collaboration between true independent studios. Launched by Bad Habit Productions and developed by The Engine Company, Alvios, Arcturus Interactive, and Shapes and Lines, the Marble It Up! team brings a deep and fresh breadth of game development experience to the Nintendo Switch. Notable past titles led by members of this team include Starsiege: TribesTribes IIMarble Blast GoldMarble Blast Ultra, the Torque Game Engine, Social CityQuiVr, and Disney City Girl, to name a few.

“We’ve made the game we were dying to play,” said Fletcher Armstrong, Public Relations lead. “A simple, refined, lasting experience that challenges you and, at the end of the day, puts a smile on your face. We grew up on games like this, and, with a focus on community, Marble It Up! is a game that will grow with its players. We believe Nintendo Switch is a fantastic entryway into that collaborative enthusiasm.”

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