Oct 29, 2018

Graveyard Keeper receives free DLC as part of an update, called “Breaking Dead”

From Press Release:

We just launched the first DLC for Graveyard Keeper titled Breaking Dead ಠᴗಠ

As a way to thank our fans on Steam, we decided to make this DLC free – and it actually comes as an update to the main game.

The update adds a Resurrection table to your morgue. You can now choose to resurrect corpses, and have them take care of daily chores on your Graveyard.
  • Automate gathering of stone, wood, and have zombies craft your items
  • Taking care of your graveyard’s garden has never been easier when zombies do it for you
  • Create logistics chains where zombies automate sale of merchandise, for extra profit
  • Modify and upgrade your zombies (they might need better organs) to make them more efficient

This spices up the Graveyard Keeper formula, just in time for Halloween!