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Dec 12, 2018

Battlerite games receives major holiday update titled, “Yuletide” which begins today and ends January 30th

From Press Release:

Stunlock Studios today released a major holiday update, bringing a slew of new content into the Battlerite franchise along with a festive trailer showcasing some of the new features introduced.

First off, Shen Rao joins the Champion roster as a brand new ranged character, annihilating his enemies with dragon thunderstorms drawn from the remnants of his dormant powers. The new patch also comes with the frosty four-week “Yuletide” event bringing two additional Champions, Lucie and Poloma, a winter-themed map section, more game objectives and new consumables into Battlerite Royale. In addition the event includes tons of winter-themed cosmetics, the brand new “emotes” feature and three new Legendary Outfits in both Battlerite and Battlerite Royale. Everybody who joins the event can get their hands on Ice Chests and Arctic Chests by purchasing them with in-game and premium currency respectively.

Yuletide begins today and ends on January 30th. Check out the full overview of the content on Yuletide webpage: