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Feb 08, 2019

World War 3 gets Team Deathmatch on Moscow Senate map in “Update 0.4”, out now

From Press Release:

(Gliwice, Poland 07.02.2019) — We are happy to announce that World War 3 is set to receive a major update to follow one of our main principles, which is Community Driven Development. We have heard your feedback and adjusted our plans to focus on stability, performance and bug-fixing first and foremost. This means that  apart from additional content, the 0.4 update is the most important one to date, thanks to what it does under the hood and how it influences the overall experience of World War 3.

Update 0.4 introduces the long requested Server Browser. From now on joining your friends will be much easier than before. We’ve also introduced numerous features that improve player movement, making the animations seem smoother and more polished. Other major features include improved sound effects, a slew of gameplay improvements and a host of other minor features which you’re welcome to discover and enjoy.

And a cherry on top – check out our new trailer HERE

Key Improvements

  • Server Browser
  • Player movement
  • Optimization & Stability
  • Animation
  • Major gameplay balance pass
  • Sound effects

New Content

  • Team Deathmatch map: Moscow Senate
  • Weapon: DMG Nine-Milli
  • Vehicle: Buggy
  • Character outfit: Resistance
  • Additional cosmetic customization options
  • Chinese language

Roadmap Update

This latest update is one of the many milestones we have planned for WW3 during Early Access. For more information please check out our updated ROADMAP HERE. A complete list with the patch notes can be found HERE.

STEAM Lunar Sale

The Steam Lunar Sale is on now, for those who held off on purchasing at Early Access launch! Are you ready to join World War 3? The Steam Lunar New Year Sale is waiting for you! Let’s celebrate the Year of the Pig with a special 20% discount on STEAM: