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Mar 04, 2019

MatchyGotchy Z available on Steam Early Access now, is a combination of idle clicker elements and pet-raising simulation with trainable personalities

From Press Release:

MatchyGotchy Z is a colorful digital pet game that combines idle clicker elements with a new take on pet-raising simulation: trainable personalities. It provides all the nostalgia of those old virtual pets, fully adapted into a new desktop gaming experience with an interesting new take: there are no pre-defined personalities. You can train your pet to have the personality you want just by clicking frequently on them as they grow! You can make them grumpy butts or charming singing stars – your clicking, your choice.

We announced MatchyGotchy Z back in February, and it is now available on Steam Early Access at $5.99. However, we are celebrating the game is finally available to the public so we decided to do a 20% discount which means for a limited time only you get to buy it at $4.80 on Steam. Click here to check MatchyGotchy Z on Steam.

Introducing Zoot as the currency of the Matchyverse, you can now sell your ships for money and customize your experience however you want: new food, new items, new places and new characters too. Customization is key, you can define how they eat, how they dress, how they work, and the kind of rocket surgeon you want them to be! It provides multiple personalities to discover, many items to buy, open selection to customize – along with new content to enjoy as we continue to update monthly via Early Access.

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