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Mar 08, 2019

Larian Studios to drop monthly FREE content updates into Divinity: Original Sin 2 over the coming year, with first “Gift Bag” available today


From Press Release:

Larian Studios is excited to announce a series of varied content updates to be patched into the game on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One over the course of the coming year. This content is being created in conjunction with talented European developers, Fools Theory and Anshar Studios.

Not to be mistaken for Loot Boxes (which are hard, ostensibly containing loot), Gift Bags are soft, and contain gifts. Each Gift Bag costs exactly no amount of money to players, and will be patched in periodically to each platform.

Gift Bag #1 releases today, and contains plenty of new faces, hairstyles and facial features for Character Creation, so that your next re-roll in Rivellon will feel fresh and exciting. Gift Bag #2 will contain a selection of features and content inspired by our modding community. The contents of the other Gift Bags will remain under wraps for now.

We can’t wait to see the new Divinity-you, so please send Larian screenshots and continue flooding us with stories of your adventures in Rivellon.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 enjoyed many months of community support and enthusiasm prior to its September 14 2017 launch into critical acclaim. After generating $2m on Kickstarter and working through player feedback on Steam’s Early Access program, Divinity: Original Sin 2 finally made its way to consoles along with a gigantic update under the Definitive Edition in August of last year.