Lights Off


Apr 23, 2019 kicks off Indie Week with sales on Frostpunk and Moonlighter, with deals up to 90% off on all indies

From Press Release:

This week on GOG.COM we’re going INDIEpendent – putting +150 discounts up to 90% on some of the best indie games out there!

We start off big with a real highlight: Frostpunk (-40%) is definitely one of last year’s strategy highlights and a must play for (almost) everyone.

If you are looking for a more light-hearted experience, don’t look further than Moonlighter (-40%). Dive deeper and deeper into dungeons, collect more and more loot and… sell it all? A unique and highly addictive twist on dungeon crawling!

But we have plenty more highlights, that you might no longer want to miss out on: Question your decisions in Papers, Please (-50%), lose yourself in gorgeous brain teasers with Gorogoa (-55%), experience one of the most soothing gaming experiences ever in Flower (-10%) or test your tactics in a very unique wild west setting with Hard West (-90%).

Other deals include Darkest Dungeon (-70%), Banner Saga trilogy (up to -60%), GRIS(-25%), Enter the Gungeon (-50%), Hollow Knight (-34%), Sunless Sea (-66%) and Sunless Sky (-15%), The Messenger (-30%), Thimbleweed Park (-50%), Owlboy (-40%) and more!

Our Indie Week Sale ends on April 29, 10 PM UTC.