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Jul 30, 2019

Failbetter adds a train horn for sky trains to honk because they should in Sunless Skies, details upcoming Hoarder Update coming in September

From Press Release:

Sunless Skies is getting an update at 1600 BST today, Tuesday the 30th of July, which will include a horn for player locomotives (please note that this news is embargoed until then).

This has, bafflingly, been the second most requested feature since launch, and the number one source of creative gifts and submissions, including a chocolate train, an actual whistle, and a slideshow:

You can now toot merrily away by pressing X.

This is alongside further updates and fixes. Several creatures and locomotives have gained new attacks, improved AI, or visual updates, and there’s now more variety for encounters in Eleutheria, bringing it up to the standards of the game’s other regions.

Hoarder Update

The next Sunless Skies update will be called Hoarder. All being well, it will arrive in September, and will feature:

  • A new officer: the Chiropterous Hoarder! Recruit a winged horror of profound cunning and unreliable manners. Rumoured to have once been one of the Masters of old London, this peddlar of immortality has fallen on hard times. Take it on a macabre journey to perfect a new method of prolonging life. Perhaps you might become friends on the way. Perhaps you might become more…
  • Engine upgrades.  Your locomotive will receive a new slot for engine equipment. When equipped – and when you have enough crew members to take full advantage of a superior engine – your locomotive will be able to travel faster, at a premium in fuel…
  • An opportunity to construct an additional transit relay. This will be a substantial undertaking, but once complete, it will provide captains with a quick and convenient route between two previously unconnected regions of the Skies.