Aug 07, 2019

Run Roll Rumble brawls onto Steam today with couch party and online modes with friends or strangers

From Press Release:

Jakarta, Indonesia –August 7, 2019 – For fans of platformers and lovers of brawlers, indie games publisher Benua Softworks and indie dev Matthew Marcellino release Run Roll Rumble on Steam today.

Run, Roll, Rumble is a side-scrolling 3D platform fighting game for up to 4 players set in an ordinary neighbourhood in which its citizens solve their daily conflicts by fighting against each other.

“Run, Roll, Rumble is inspired by classics such as Super Smash Bros., Gang Beasts and Stick Fight: The Game”, says Michael Herman, CEO at Benua Softworks.

The objective in Run, Roll, Rumble is to make your rivals fall off the stage. The game features online and local multiplayer modes, and it can be played either with a gamepad or with the keyboard.


  • Punch, jump, roll, throw
  • Get special items and cast a flashy spell
  • Win & Survive
  • Play with your friend in one computer using your gamepad and a keyboard
  • Play with random folks on the internet for up to 4 players.
  • Create a room for up to 4 players online.

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