Aug 13, 2019

FlowScape lets you make jaw-dropping 3D scenes in simple strokes with lots of options to make it yours

From Press Release:

August 13, 2019 – Warsaw Poland – Created by a single developer with a background in Visual FX, with a mission to create a simple to use landscape and diorama creator that was inspired by Bryce, Terragen and Vue. FlowScape lets you quickly and effortlessly paint and animate stunning 3D worlds.

The Game has been in Early Access on platform for 6 months with regular updates and a  positive community of users on Discord and Reddit, sharing their creations, finding solutions to creative issues and engaging with others who are eager to help one another out.

Now it is coming out on Steam 15th August 2019 and it will cost 14,99$

Take a virtual vacation to your very own world with FlowScape.  With its built-in selection of trees, houses, castles, mountains, flowers, critters both natural and fantastic, FlowScape will take you out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life and into the natural tranquility sitting in your mind’s eye, it’s like carving out a little slice of heaven. You don’t need skills in 3D modeling or artistic talents in order to use FlowScape either. All you need is to point, click, and paint your way into a rich world environment that matches your imagination.

FlowScape is able to produce overhead maps with grids for pen and paper RPGs or first-person view scenic environments with sound and lighting effects to create a multitude of moods and settings right on your computer screen. Nearly everything has an option for customization, from the brightness of the sky and ground to ambient lighting and even environmental options such as snow and ice and extensive photo controls that mimic a real camera.

With the ability to save 8k images, panoramas and even maps with grids for D&D players, or to simply just sit in your world and take in the view, it’s all waiting for you in FlowScape.