Aug 27, 2019

Adaptive Game hosting “Coin Days” event in TECHNOSPHERE RELOAD, starts September 13th

From Press Release:

In September, we will hold a distribution of prizes in the game. This event called COIN DAYS! Any player can find a reward.

PHASE 1: 09/13/19 – 09/15/19 – 0.33 BTC

PHASE 2: 09/20/19 – 09/22/19 – 0.33 BTC

PHASE 3: 09/27/19 – 09/29/19 – 0.34 BTC

Every PHASE start on Friday at 19:00 GMT-4, Finish on Sunday at 19:00 GMT-4.
*New York time indicated.

Prize pool: 1 Bitcoin

Keycodes delivered upon request

We took one bitcoin, divided it into 58 parts and hid it in in the futuristic 3D-roller platformer game TECHNOSPHERE RELOAD.

Every weekend, from September 13 to September 29, in the TECHNOSPHERE RELOAD you can find hidden coins.
Each reward(coin) may contains 0.05 BTC, 0.03 BTC or 0.01 BTC. One player can find only one prize.
All coins are in boxes that are located on eight levels of the game. In order to find coins, it is enough to buy a game and explore it as best as possible.

We invite all players to take part in the COIN DAYS.

Each weekend reward:

– 2х 0.05 BTC
– 3х 0.03 BTC
– 14х 0.01 BTC

Total: 0.33BTC (Phase 3 – 0.34 BTC)
Every phase on Saturday at 10:00 GTM-4, at 14:00 GMT-4, at 19:00 GMT-4.
Every phase on Sunday at 10:00 GTM-4, at 14:00 GMT-4, at 19:00 GMT-4.

You can check all 58 wallets on our Website.
All wallets have public access and are available for viewing to everyone.

During each phase, we will give rewards at intervals of several hours. We will report the exact time of rewards in the Steam community before the start of the first phase.
All information about the COIN DAYS is contained on our website. Subtotals will be highlighted in the Steam community.

Since we want to avoid cases of fraud, we have implemented a triple reward protection system. In order to get access to the reward, you must follow these steps:

1.Find the box with a coin.
When you find the box with a coin, the game will notify you about it, and your account will be automatically added to the Steam leaderboard.

2.Upload a screenshot.
When the reward is found, the game will make an automatically screenshot in Steam.
Quit the game. Upload the screenshot to Steam.

3.Contact us via Steam.
When you upload the screenshot, add Adaptive Game to your friends list on Steam and write a personal message. After a successful verification, we will share with you the login and password for the Electrum wallet, which will contain your reward.

COIN DAYS principles:
– One player can find one reward.
– Coins will become available after two hours of play.