Sep 02, 2019

Golf With Your Friends update brings the game to the one place not corrupted by capitalism…SPACE!

From Press Release:

2nd September 2019 – Team17 is proud to announce the newest update to the 12-player mini golf game, Golf With Your Friends. The new ‘Space Theme Update’ will feature the following:

  • Brand-new level, Space Course (18 holes)
  • Random ball shapes power-up (The Randomizer)
  • Ball spinning mechanic (in custom games)
  • General optimisations and bug fixing

The new space themed level will feature the usual 18-hole course scattered with space faring obstacles to challenge your mini golf skills. A new ball shape power up and a ball spinning mechanic will offer some additional space for golf enthusiasts to show off their skills in new ways. Finally, the update will be putting some optimisation and bug fixes into the game.

Golf With Your Friends is currently available in Steam Early Access .

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